TableTop Controller

Simple user control for ClearOne Converge® Pro systems

The affordable Tabletop Controller for ClearOne's Converge Pro platform gives users the ability to easily start and navigate an audio conference without the need for touch panel control systems, which can be expensive, complex, or intimidating to users.






Key benefits:

  • Offers affordable professional conferencing solution with Converge Pro

  • Dial pad resembles a telephone keypad for instant familiarity

  • Users can dial a conference call as easily as dialing a telephone

It also offers five user-definable keys to manage the most commonly-used audio conference and presentation control functions, such as:

  • Presenter mic volume up/down

  • Lights on/off

  • Projector on/off

  • Screen up/down

  • Other audio & presentation functions

These keys are easily programmed using the included configuration builder software. The device connects directly to the Converge Pro and provides full audio function control. It can also execute commands that are sent to third-party devices that are connected to communications ports on Converge Pro.

The Tabletop Controller can cost thousands less than touch-screen panel control systems, and its simplified setup for the user-definable keys can save customers programming time and expense as well. When combined with Converge Pro, users can now more easily afford to install professional conferencing into rooms that don't justify the expense of a full control system.

Along with its sleek, functional design, this latest offering from ClearOne delivers the most affordable, attractive and easy-to-use control solution for Converge Pro systems on the market.

WARRANTY: 2 years, From date of purchase