AV Encoders & Decoders

By streaming multimedia over TCP/IP, drastic improvements in flexibility, scalability, and price/performance are achieved over traditional AV distribution methods.

MLAV9500 Digital AV Encoder

Using an MLAV9500 encoder with each digital source component—such as a Blu-Ray player, satellite receiver, cable box or DVR—makes the source available anywhere on the StreamNet network.

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VL9300 Digital AV Decoder

The VIEW VL9300 decoder allows any digital display to access content on the StreamNet® network, even if the display uses a different signal format than the source.

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IP Audio/Video Encoder. Encodes in real-time both SD and HD video signals into a stream of TCP/IP packets.

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IP Audio/Video Decoder. Decodes in real-time both SD and HD video and audio signals from a stream of TCP/IP packets and then outputs it into the appropriate signal output type.

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The gateway for audio to flow into the network. In addition to encoding audio, MLA9101 also provides a mechanism for one-way and two-way control.

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