Your Video Collection

When you have multiple sources and multiple displays or the displays are a distance from the sources, a NetStreams video distribution system is the solution.

Your complete video library, as well as your favorite TV, Satellite and Internet streaming video is available from any room to any TV or display with NetStreams. Enjoy the best quality picture in any and all rooms of your home.

NetStreams Video solution distributes both HD and SD video. PerfectPixel™ technology ensures reliable delivery of video data resulting in pixel-for-pixel, HD video distribution.

Audio and video synchronization technology allows any and all rooms to be perfectly synchronized when playing the same source throughout the house. No more lip-sync problems on TVs, no more echo between rooms.

  • Enjoy 1080p HDefinition video anywhere in your home—unlimited sources and displays

  • Sit back and control everything from your iPad, iPhone or iTouch, as well as dozens of other home theater remotes to choose from

  • Control any source from any room in your home—perfectly synchronized with a single remote