DigiLinX Power

PowerLinX is a line of power supplies for DigiLinX device.  NetStreams has a variety of different PowerLinX devices designed to work in a variety of different situations.  The PL960 and PL600 are centrally located and used to power DigiLinX devices in other zones.

PowerLinX PL960

Choose the PL960 (required for installations including one or more SpeakerLinX SL251) a very efficient power supply featuring 8 discrete output channels of power for multiple DigiLinX devices, via a 4-terminal, removable Quick Connector on the back, for each channel.  Advanced thermal protection intelligently protects from current overdraw, and dual-color status LEDs easily provide status information for easy monitoring of each output of power. 

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PowerLinX PL250

100 Watt PowerLinX Plug-in Power Supply  designed to power (1) SL250 SpeakerLinX and (1) TouchLinX touch screen.

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PowerLinX Rack Shelf

This Rack Shelf is available as an accessory to neatly rack mount up to 3 PowerLinX P960 or PL600 power supplies (side by side).

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