CONVERGE® PA 4120 Amplifier

The CONVERGE PA 4120 amplifier is a 4 Channel x 120 Watts, high-efficiency power audio amplifier for reliable amplification with professional sound quality for conferencing, sound reinforcement, and distribution applications.

The CONVERGE PA 4120 amplifier is optimized to work with ClearOne’s DSP mixers, and it also works with any third-party mixers.

Output Modes

  • 8Ώ speaker output
  • 70V/100V constant voltage output

Amplifer Technology

  • Class-D power amplifier
  • Switching power technology digital power amplifier

Advanced Control

  • Input gain control per channel
  • High pass filter per channel
  • Protection from short-circuit, high temperature,
  • Standby mode when input signal not present

Per-Channel Indicators

  • Standby/Protection
  • Clip
  • Input signal
  • Output signal


  • Built-in AC power supply
  • Back-up DC power option
  • Auto-standby for efficient power consumption


  • Software-free configuration
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Manual switches for settings