CONVERGE® Pro 2 GPIO Expander


The GPIO Expander expands the GPIO capability of a CONVERGE Pro 2 mixer by providing an additional 12 input and 12 output pins.


This device gives integrators flexible connections to program LED activations on the microphones, trigger third-party devices; and trigger presets based on room configuration, such as combine/divide.
The GPIO expander can be daisy-chained with other P-Link peripheral devices such as the Beamforming Mic Array 2, DIALOG 20 Receiver, and USB Expander. It can also be used as a P-Link distance extender. 
  • 12 Logic inputs
  • 12 Open-collector outputs
  • Additional Power and Ground pins
  • Euroblock-type connectors
  • Activate LED on microphones
  • Trigger macros and/or presets
  • Activate Camera tracking
  • Activate global mute with master button
  • Maximum 3 GPIO Expanders per CP2 device
  • Daisy-chains and co-exists with other P-Link
Extends Distance
  • By 200 Feet (60 meters) from CP2 device
  • By 200 Feet (60 meters) for other P-Link devices
Form Factor & Mounting
  • Compact form factor: 1/3rd RU width, 1U height
  • Rack-shelf mount
  • Under the table mount
  • Wall mount
  • Ceiling mount
Connectivity & Power
  • Direct connection to CONVERGE Pro 2 (CP2), Beamforming Microphone Array 2, and DIALOG 20 Wireless Receiver
  • P-Link for power, audio, control from CP2
  • PoE Injector for power
  • RS-232 connection for control interface
  • Euroblock connections for GPIO