Digital Signage Players


Digital Signage is becoming an ever-increasing form of public communication. ClearOne Magicbox is here to help you create the digital signage network that will be most effective for your situation.

Our players provide you with high-resolution output options of HD 720P or HD 1080P so you can use any LCD or plasma display. With these solutions, you can easily deliver important information to public areas such as a lobby, hallway, or elevator.


Aavelin 720/1080p

With multimedia support for Adobe Flash and Divx, the Aavelin 720P or 1080P player has everything a digital sign needs. Create content using your own fonts, graphics, animated GIF's, multimedia, and crawling text for RSS or data feeds.  

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Aavelin Signmate

All the same feature set as an Aaveiln but in a small form factor player. The SignMate can be mounted to a wall or behind a display.  

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Aavelin Cafe

A low end version of the SignMate, this player is perfect for places where multimedia support is not as important and your budget is.  

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NOTICE: Aavelin EoL (End of Life)

As of June 1st, 2016, Aavelin unit's with Serial #'s A212-5100 and below have reached their End of Life (EoL) and will no longer be supported.

Please Contact sales if you have any questions. Thank you.