VIEW ® Pro E110-4K




A VIDEODSPTM product unrivaled in scalability,
performance and cost, the VIEW Pro E110-
4K promises AV streaming and delivery that
is uncompromised in clarity, ease of use and
deployment, and efficiency.
The E110-4K supports all AV inputs for digital
media distribution via your current IP networks
and infrastructure to all endpoints—from video
wall screens to single, large-display screens,
including displays with 4K resolution.


Ultra High Quality Video
  • High profile H.264 lossless compression
  • H.265 High-efficiency video coding
  • 4K resolution with 60 FPS input
  • Compatible with 1080p resolution screens
  • 24-bit true color with 4:4:4 color space
  • Low latency - end to end
  • Full HDCP support
  • Existing IP network infrastructure
  • Uses standard CAT 5e/6 cabling
  • Interoporates with 3rd party systems
  • RTSP/UDP streaming
  • Backward compatible with 1080p VIEW Pro
Unlimited Scalability
  • Any number of inputs & outputs in any combination
  • One source to many displays
  • Many sources to one display
  • Many sources to many displays
Video Composition & Video Wall
  • Software license (one time, per unit)
  • Video-wall, Video-windowing, video-composition
  • Layout management
  • Text overlay, screen rotation
Flexible Control
  • VIEW Virtual Matrix control application
  • Matrix view of all live sources & destinations
  • In-room controller - touch panel & web
  • 3rd party control - AMX, Crestron, Utelogy
Configuration & Management
  • Auto-discovery of encoders & decoders
  • Device configuration & management
  • Project management
  • System monitoring & troubleshooting