These products are no longer in production and we cannot provide support.


KeyLinX KL101

The KL101 KeyLinX keypad is a 10-button single-gang in-wall keypad that works perfectly for applications or audio zones where basic control of audio is all that is required.

KL201 KeyLinX

The KL201 KeyLinX keypad is a 10-button single-gang in-wall keypad with intercom, microphone and monitoring capabilities that works perfectly for applications or audio zones where basic control of audio is all that is required.


TLA250 Touchpad

The TouchLinX TLA250 is ideal for zones requiring exceptional audio quality without a full color touch screen. The text-based OLED screen provides metadata, control of the zone, and IP intercom for the zone with built-in internet radio.

MLA4000 MediaLinX Encoder

The NetStreams MediaLinX Pro MLA4000 combines real-time digital conversion of up to four analog or digital audio sources with control of third party systems



NetStreams Quartet Q4000 makes it all possible by delivering incredible sound quality and so much more in one affordable package. This easy to use Multi-Room Audio system is packed with high-end features, including a built-in intercom system.


MU290 Amplifier

100 watts/channel into 4 ohms, 200 watts bridged for high quality audio output. You can also daisy-chain up to 6 amps for a total of 600 watts of stereo power or 1200 watts bridged power. Connects directly to SpeakerLinX via RJ-45 connectors (labeled "EIM").



Panorama is a point to multi-point, line-level video distribution system, distributing from up to four HDTV quality video sources to six displays. Using standard CAT5e cable.


Musica MU5066KP25

25 watt / channel in-wall amplified keypad with attractive blue / white backlighting (selectable). Also features 8 macro functions,  a 5-band graphic equalizer, and an expansion slot for the Digital FM tuner card (sold separately).


Musica MU5066KP25S

2 x 25W amplified in-wall keypad, available with amber / green selectable backlighting.


Musica MUR2EM

Operate your entire Musica distributed Audio system via a web browser from a PDA, Web Tablet,  WebTV or PC with the R2EM. Compact in size, the R2EM features built-in software and requires no programming.  For use with Musica MU5066 system only.


PowerLinX PL228

Designed to power one SpeakerLinX, MediaLinX, or TouchLinX, the PowerLinX PL228 local power supply is the perfect solution for retrofit installations. *NOTE: Not for use with the SL250.


PowerLinX PL751

PowerLinX PL751 is an intelligent power supply designed to distribute power to multiple DigiLinX products.  This tightly-regulated power supplies are essential for a DigiLinX system.


PowerLinX PL600

PowerLinX is an intelligent power supply that is designed to distribute up to 21 amps @ 28 VDC of power to multiple DigiLinX products on an IP-Based Distributed Audio network.


SpeakerLinX SL220

SpeakerLinX SL220 is a 2 x 20 Watt IP-Based intelligent controller/amplifier with unmatched intelligence for high quality distribution and control. Small and powerful, the SL220 not only acts as the amplifier in your new system, it also serves as your network controller with an integrated web server.


SMM100 Streaming Music Manager

NetStreams Streaming Music Manager finds and manages music in shared folders on the network, builds a database containing the locations of music files, and makes this information available to the DigiLinX network.  DigiLinX can then browse the database, locate and play the files from the network, and display metadata from those files on any DigiLinX graphical interface (GUI).


TH100 TheaterLinX

TheaterLinX allows installers to easily integrate the equipment found in a home theater system with NetStreams DigiLinX IP-Based Multi-Room Audio/Video and control system.


DX100 DoorLinX

DoorLinX provides unprecedented audio quality and intelligibility from an entryway/intercom module, seamlessly integrating with a DigiLinX™ IP-Based Multi-Room Audio/Video and Control system.



Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music in any room without the clutter of equipment and wires. Whether you’re entertaining guests, doing work around the house, or just relaxing, the Musica audio system is a great way to enjoy music wherever and whenever you like.

You can even connect your XM, computer, games or MP3 player. Musica can be configured for one room, 18 rooms or anything in between!