The Future of Telemedicine

Spontania opened a door onto a whole new world for us with respect to discapacities and dependencies, making it possible for us to offer more efficient tele-assistance services for both the elderly and chronically-ill patients. Spontania's success in our tele-medicine projects is due to the system's capacity, its user-friendliness and its ability to interconnect different elements while at the same time offering sustainable costs vis-à-vis the health-care model.” - Head of IT and Telemedicine Service at Leading Hospital

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Spontania in Action

Antari Primary Care blends conventional healthcare practices with Spontania Telehealth Services.

Organizational features such as: resource tracking and management, healthcare planning, and appointment management enable intuitive and effective remote consultations, while retaining the principal working methods of conventional medicine.

Efficient video collaboration significantly improves interaction between colleagues, emergency staff, and patients without travel or delays. Sharing and management of clinical information is swift and intuitive. Spontania’s robust security and scalable architecture provide boundless opportunities for the healthcare industry.

e-Health & Telemedicine

We're talking about improving processes in organizations that provide sustainable and efficient health services.

When the largest hospital in Europe incorporates Spontania to organize patients' electronic medical histories and sets up a Video-collaboration service with health centers in order to reduce diagnostic and response times when dealing with heart attacks and strokes, we are not talking about technology; we are talking about quality health care.

When Spontania is chosen as the system for coordinating the most advanced emergency teams in the world, we are talking about gaining those crucial minutes that constitute the difference between success and failure.

Spontania provides the following solutions for leading medical institutions:

 Tele-Assistance for the elderly and chronically-ill patients.

 On-going medical training.

 Tele-Dermatology, Tele-Psychiatry, Tele-Oncology, Tele-Nephrology.

 Sign-language video channel for the hearing impaired.

 Tele-Assistence and Tele-Medicine for prisons.